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Khairy Jamaluddin or Khairiah Binti Jamaluddin? Fagot…!!!!

I don’t know what to say. Speechless. Khary Bin Jamaluddin or Khairiah Binti Jamaluddin, Khary, Kerry or what ever it is was once a fagot and will stay that way I assume… LOL. I found this ‘very old’ pictures while surfing the net at Skuad DUN Batu Caves and Forum Tempur Politik Maya.

I remember one of my media friend once told me about the Doctor report of Saiful Bukhari sodomy accusation at Pusrawi Hospital. The doctor has up until today strongly claim that he has done a check up on Saiful and didn’t find any sodomy proove on his accusation BUT there’s another report (according to my media friend) that Saiful ‘man thing’ has the sign of someone who is actively having a homo sex behavior. Now who sodomize who? Anwar? I am with Tuan Guru Nik Aziz who 100% believe that he’s innocent. Saiful liwat Khairi? LOL… I don’t know what to say as too much of information and too much ‘conspiracy theory’ makes the news we heard every day keeps changing after one or two minutes. LOL… And according to Susan Loone, she saw Saiful Bukhari in Permatang Pauh… Now what the heck? I thought he said that his swear action held in Federal Mosque a few weeks ago was off the political issues and is solely his personal intend…

I also remember that on a few day before the SPR open up their candidates registration to fight on a Permatang Pauh parliament seat in a By-Election, UMNO has announced that their candidate will be an Umno members from Seberang Jaya, Arif Shah… If Ezam are the one to fight Anwar, I’m sure there’ll be another accusation and this time by Ezam himself telling the people that he’s been sodomized by Anwar a few time before ‘changing’ his statement to ‘one time only’…

Hahaha.. Anyway, Ladies and Gentlement, here’s Khairy Jamaluddin or better known as Khairiah in his Singapore years… Did I said Singapore? Yes! Khairy and Singapore has a lot of things that are in common… LOL!!