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Love And The Story Of Christian The Lion…
George Adamson and Christian in 1973
George Adamson and Christian in 1973

Okay. This note might sound a bit silly and gay! but who care.. (it’s going to be short anyway).. I just want to talk about ‘love’.. Those mysterious thing we call love! According to most of people, love is something subjective and we can never describe and translate on how love work. How we can feel it and how we can be touched by it…

Love can be in many forms. Love towards your other half, family, God, pets, friends and even your self and the list go on and on.. Love towards a friends is more likely to be called ‘friendship’… A good friendship that last has love, care, tenderness and everything in it.. The same it does goes towards your family and other things that related..

Love is a mysterious bond that connect and tangled one or two or three or even five and more hearts become one. It is something that we cannot see but we feel it existence and we can feel it touches us in many different ways..

Now, what’s up with this love note anyway? I just wanted to link you guys to a video I saw in Youtube that came in many titles. Among the tops are – Christian The Lion, The Lion At World’s End and The Lion Who Thought He Was People … And we all stop for a while and think about love! Some of you guys may have seen this and some are not. So why don’t we just all share this very touching videos (now I really sound gay) and think…

Think.. When was the last time we’d tell the person we love or our father and mother, our friends or maybe our pets that we love them..? And to all of the person who read this note – I love you all! thanks for being my friends and family to me… You guys are one of the most wonderful things ever happened to me in my life..!!! I love you all..!!

Now, Enjoy Christian The Lion…

I wonder how did an animal.. Yes an animal can really appreciate love and friendships while us humans fake it and destroyed it…? Sometimes, we really need to go back to where we started before. Learn on how to walked again, sing again, jump again and love again… Christian the Lion truly shows pretty clearly that we humans are far from the only ones with the capacity to love – and remember – our friends.

The story of Christian The Lion has now leave huge impact on me, inspired me and has made me stop for a while and think… Think what I’ve missed throughout my life…

Need to know more of the story about Christian The Lion? Click more…

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Anwar: Give Mandate Back To The People!
February 6, 2009, 12:03 am
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Ipoh Mali Talak Sombong Punyaaaa…

Alif Mim Nun Wau, Alif Tendang Wau = Sarkis

Dari zaman P Ramlee lagi orang dah tak suka Umno. Kepada penganut agama Umno tu, fikir-fikir la…

One Night Only In IPK Kuala Lumpur

Alhamdulillah, saudara Anwar Ibrahim sudah pun dikeluarkan dari tahanan polis pagi tadi di Ibu Pejabat Kontijen, Kuala Lumpur. Alhamdulillah, saudara Anwar tidak dicederakan oleh pihak polis cuma beliau terpaksa bermalam di atas lantai lokap dan merana sakit pinggang sekarang. Inshaallah kita bersama-sama mendoakan kesihatan, keselamatan dan kesejahteraan beliau sementara menunggu beliau mengambil alih tampuk kepimpinan kerajaan dalam masa terdekat.

To Anwar Ibrahim, the Malaysian Prime Minister in waiting, as long as you fight for the citizen rights, we will stand by your side – So keep it up right!

Anyway, here’s some pictures and videos I’ve took during last night events at IPK Kuala Lumpur… Enjoy!

Human Weapon – Silat

For those who didn’t know what ‘silat’ is today must have been cast away on an island far away or you have might been abducted by an alien who invaded planet Earth and take you to Mars or something. Silat is an old Malay form of martial arts and war combating style who is now gaining the world attention by the time I’m writing this article. The History Channel is currently focusing and promoting martial arts topic and practitioner from all over the world to appear in their TV documentary series called ‘Human Weapon’, and this time, they have come to test the Malay ancient martial arts called silat…

For those who know me personally, I’m a proud silat practitioner myself since 1987 and now has become one of the instructors among many others in Malaysia. There are more of five martial arts (including silat) I’ve studied and practising since 1987 but what makes me stick to silat? the answer is simple – I’ve found it to be the most deadliest human weapon it could be. It may look soft and kind in our eye but it is so much deadly once you had a strike. I am dare to say this kind of statement as I’ve test the formula, techniques and etc in real life. So far I have found no one that can handle one deadliest move of silat single handedly. I’m not saying that other martial arts is not good. For me, all martial arts is good and deadliest. It just depends solely on how you tackle it, play around it and what suits you best. As for me I choose silat as it suits me best. And I am proud of it since it’s an ancient Malays martial arts. For more info on my silat history and backgrounds, please click here.

Silat was originaly played among the Royal Sultanate of Malays back in 15th century. It is a secret lesson where no any other ordinary villagers may learn. That’s when silat has been divided in two forms. Permainan Istana (Palace form of silat) and Permainan Kampung (villagers or normal people form of silat). I’m not going to explain everything here as it is kind of deep but once you learn and know exactly what silat is, you will know how to differentiate the two styles. Nowadays, silat has been practiced by people from all over the world. It is not only limited to the Malays anymore. But I’m still sceptical about this issues as I treat silat like an ‘ibadat’ (pray) and it’s secret shouldn’t be open to public. It need deep concentration and honesty to yourself and Islam as the religion to learn the martial arts. But I’m still happy when seeing other races or believers learn silat. They may learn the move, the speed, the steps and some of the weapon such as keris and etc. but the secret behind all of that will forever remain secret… Now that’s the funny parts.

Inshaallah, if God permits me to teach silat to my son and grandson soon, I will do it and I will always carry this kind of martial arts until the very last breath of my life. It just sad that kids and teenagers nowadays especially the Malay itself don’t have any interest of learning this old form of their ancestors martial arts anymore. It is sad but it’s true. But what surprised me is that non-Malays are digging hard enough to learn this weapon. Anyway, here’s a video collection of History Channel – Human Weapon documentary series focusing on silat presented by Jason Chambers, a 16 times winner of the MMA fighting tournament and Bill Duff, a pro football player and a wrestler himself. And hey guess what..? A few of my students was there in the video – Part #5! πŸ˜€

According to Jason Chambers, “Centuries after its creation, silat is still one of the world rarest, most diverse and most deadly martial arts…!” – Now what did I say before…? πŸ˜€

Although the documentary only select a few silat (Pertubuhan) to be featured in, behind many others it is still worth to watch, listen and learn. Check it out. For more info of the series, please click here.

Part #1

Part #2

Part #3

Part #4

Part #2

One Rat Short
May 13, 2008, 10:33 pm
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I was watching and studying over tons of short films on the Internet for my next project where I came across this beautifully crafted 3D animation about rats by Charlex Films. Yeah rats! And of course I don’t want to spoil your mood on writing about the whole storyline in here… Go and figure out by your self. I’ve embed the video here as well. So, enjoy…

I must say that it is a brilliant movie by Alex Weil and it has won lots and lots of awards. If you guys may need to dig more about this, visit: www.oneratshort.com