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Mitsubishi Lancer WRC vs J’S Racing Honda S2000 at Gunsai Touge
October 16, 2007, 8:30 am
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Mitsubishi Lancer WRC 2005 drive by: Fumio Nutahara
J’S Honda S2000 drive by: Keiichi Tsuchiya


I’ve Been Defeated
June 19, 2007, 8:55 pm
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Kuala Kelawang Touge

As the tittle says, I’ve been defeated in Kuala Kelawang touge last Saturday, June 16th 2007. I’ve been smoked by Toyota Starlet EP71 1.3 Turbo. All this while I’ve had this nightmare that on one find day there’ll be one bloody small and compact car with enough power to smoke me bad. There he is.. Starlet Turbo has smoked my 4G92 NA engine.

I’ve win him on uphill run but I’ve lost to him on downhill run… It was sweet learning process for me. So, here I am… My motivation is down a bit.. And I’ve made this one little drawing showing what’s happen that night.. And how on earth he’d smoked me with one bloody hell skills that was suppose not to be made by any FF cars…

I’ll meet him again soon… 🙂