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AE86 Wanted!
May 6, 2008, 6:09 pm
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Toyota AE86 Trueno GT Apex

Finally, I have secured one complete engine of 4A-GEU 20 valve (Black top) through an old friends of mine. The engine is now ready for me and ready to show some potential either on circuit or on normal road conditions. What else should be the dream of all fast driver or anyone that wanted to go fast? An engine that could be revved up until 11,000 RPM with 6 speed manual transmission… After my long waiting, all I need now is a good chassis…

I am looking for a ROAD LEGAL old car which is Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno or Corolla Levin GT Apex hatchback model. No matter if it’s a ‘Zenki’ (models produced from 1983–1985) or a ‘Kouki’ (1986-1987). Preferably the right hander driver (the Japan / UK spec). My intention has got nothing to do with the drifting scene or Initial D anime / magga series. For those who know me personally they should know what I mean plus I’ve driven it last time for more than three years. Even my dad drive a Corolla version in his early adult era.. So I’m not talking cock here…

Anyone who are selling or know anyone else who are selling, please do let me know. I’m not looking for the modified one but solely looking for the stock condition one. No matter if the body and chassis is rusted, I’ll take it. And no matter if there’s no engine anymore, I’ll take it as well as I’ve already had the engine… Please, not the chop one i.e the chassis has been chopped and then resembled again as one piece. I’m looking for the solid piece one…

The price I’m willing to pay for is not more than Ringgit Malaysia 13,000. If you know anyone or you wanted to sell it less than that, then please contact me through my email at electrotouch@yahoo.co.uk. I’ll be paying you not more than Ringgit Malaysia 13k CASH after I’ve look at the car chassis. And if you know anyone or you might be able to ship the car for me here in Peninsular Malaysia from lets say.. Japan, Philiphines, Thailand, Sabah / Sarawak, I’ll work on the paper for you and we can discuss about the shipment thingy later.

As I’ve said earlier, I’ve already had the engine, just looking for the chassis. Buzz me soon and thanks for your time!

Toyota AE86 Levin