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Flux Lounge Author - Farul Azri

Muhammad Farul Azri Bin Muhammad Saleh Hashim was born in 1978. A year where the hippies movement was taking the world like storm. This Acehnese royalties born blood boy was born and raised by his family in Kedah Darul Aman, Malaysia where his mother and father was originally from and went to school in Klang, Selangor. He has been writing about politics, life, music and current affairs since 1996 through Malaysia local underground scene with his self produced fanzine called ‘Mind Paralysed’ along with his friend, Saiful Nazwa (Ah Chong) before releasing his best seller ‘artzine’ in late 90s called ‘Human Drama – The Land of Emotion and Thoughts’.

Farul Azri has also been actively socialized around local underground music scene and has been recognized by most of people in it. He release his band first demo ‘dubbed’ cassettes in 1996 called ‘Extraterrestrial – The Duck From Outer Space’ and has been well accepted throughout Asian countries including Singapore, Philiphines, Indonesia, Thailand besides Malaysia very own underground music playground. In late 90s he and a few of his buddy started a new band called ‘Death Becomes Her’ with musical influences by the likes of The Cure, Joy Division, Bauhaus, The Sisters of Mercy, The Mission and etc (to name a few) and went into electronica genre with one single called ‘Tonight’ released in United Kingdom under Nightbreed Recordings label. He then continue his musical journey with a band called The Lovecraft, the name taken from Mary Shelley’s mysteriously un-published novel from the 17th century.

In early 2000, his life has been ripped apart by his full time career and makes his music and writing activities becomes slow but still he has never given up any of those. He spend his working era by being an advertising freak for almost seven years where most of his works has been published as east as Japan and as far as the west up until the Europe and the United States. In 2005, he settling up his time with advertising and join the Malaysia leading publishing team as an Executive Designer.


The author is an active members of / and can be found at:

  • Pertubuhan Seni Silat Kalimah Panglima Tangkas Malaysia (PSSKPTM)
  • Pertubuhan Silat Kalimah Malaysia, Silat Kalimah Amin & Yahya Said
  • Pertubuhan Silat Seni Pusaka Gayong Malaysia (PSSPGM)
  • Persatuan Sejarah Malaysia
  • Kaki Seni
  • Theater shows
  • Any street protest regarding current affairs
  • Music shows
  • Good touges (Mountain passes)
  • Going backpacking
  • Charity events
  • Mali’s nasi lemak
  • Motocross events and hideouts
  • … And some other places / events around the globe!

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woit, Farul! ingat sapa tadi…
haha yep i’m into muay thai since kecik2 lagi. tapi kat KL takda gym/gelenggang muay thai…so belajar sendiri je lah haha.

PS: oit, ko pon into silat eh! bole lepak berbincang nih!

bila nak sahur kat Uptown? heheh

Comment by oji

BTW, panas blog ko ni haha. ISA bro! hehehehe

Comment by oji

hi Farul,
susah betul nak cari kontek ko.

aku tadi usha2 artikel fasal sejarah melayu, tuptup jumpe kat sejarahmelayu.wordpress.com
so aku nak mintak izin ko ni nak guna artikel2 yang ada situ utk di publish di blog aku kat melayuboleh.tv

kalau boleh aku nak take over terus sejarahmelayu.wordpress.com dan amik semua artikel fasal sejarah Melayu kat sana dan pindah ke MelayuBoleh.tv


Comment by Melayu Boleh

x sangka orang kot nu pon ada sehebat hang ni….belah kampung hang tu boleh kata ramai gak la sedara2 aku…cuma x serapat semasa arwah datuk aku ada dulu la….apa pon….sokong aku utk blog hang ni…..

Comment by kord

why u put the reverse flag (jalur gemilang) at ur page… i thing u can not do that.. respect wit my country.we live in this country.. respect r.i hope u can change back the jalur gemilang to the right position.. .

Comment by juoh

kau masih rase y student uitm bengong lg ke?

Comment by faisal

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