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Who Will Be Next?

Thank to God that Bro Sheih (kickdefella) and Teressa Kok has finally released from police detainee. Syukur Alhamdulillah… The question is, who will be next? As we all know our humble Prime Minister has now hold his new portfolio at MINDEF, I’m sure he will 110% use the power given even it is beyond our imagination. The police, special branch and ISA act may be much more rough than before…

Why? The answer is simple… Imagine an injured dog – The dog will used almost anything to keep his power and fear among us, cats…

In Abdullah case… You go and judge by your self!

There’s one sentence I’d like to quoted from the movie ‘V For Vendetta’… And I assume that by this time you guys already noticed on why I have ‘Guy Fawkes’ faces all over my crappy blog… The quote goes like this:

“People shouldn’t be afraid of the government, but the government should be afraid of the people!”

This sentence has a very good resemblance with the Indian word ‘Makkal Sakhti’ which means people power and we have truly showed the power of the people on the Malaysia 12th General Election by denying BN 2/3 majority in parliament. So, in this very ‘unpredictable moment’, are we still afraid of the government? My personal answer is NO…

Thank to God that bro Sheih and Teressa has been released… Now there’s Raja Petra, Nik Adli (Son of Nik Aziz) and a lot more are still being hold under ISA. I pray for them and hope they’ll be release soon… Now who will be next victim of the Malaysian corrupted government?


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hope they will release RPK soon…u see the newspaper lately…all abt the food in ISA and totally push aside the ISA issue…wat is more humoring…they nw debating the EGG issue…wat is wrong wif their brain?sigh….

Comment by DaDevil/Kazuki_my

The detention of the RPK, Sheih and Teresa Kok is to serve as a political strategy to create fear to the nation of bloggers and opposition side not to challenge the supremacy of the current government under the coalition of BN authority.

Deep down inside which many may not understand that their advise that they have taken do have an indirect impact to it coalition of multi representation to the social structure and society at large.

Will this serve thereof as a reminder of the defect of their strategy or would they continuously out of their desperation, mood out this initiative as to ensure their political career continuity.

Let continuing observing the lengthy dramas of our interesting acting of our present government which is of non acceptance by the public on the whole.

Comment by ventura

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