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Sheih Arrested!

I just being informed from my fellow bloggers that one of our friends, Sheih (kickdefella) has been arrested by police under the sedition charges or might be ISA (Internal Security Act) late evening today. And if the rumors I heard is true that Sheih is arrested under the ISA, so it means that since last Friday, Sheih has become the number four person that has been arrested by the Malaysia ruling government under the ISA in just less than two weeks…

On last Friday, Malaysia top blogger, Raja Petra Kamarudin has been arrested just before the Friday pray for Muslim and it proved that the so-called ‘Islam Hadhari government’ is trying to denied Raja Petra rights as a Muslim to settle his pray first. Later on that day, a reporter of Sin Chew Daily, Tan Hoon Cheng has been arrested under the Internal Security Act and late before midnight on the same day, Teressa Kok, a DAP Parliament Member of Seputeh has also being arrested by the police…

And today, it’s Sheih… I seriously condemn this matter. All of them has family who care about them. They have wife and children who’d missed them. They have had a normal life as a Malaysia citizen before… But now they are all is being arrested and their rights as Malaysian and as human being is being denied by the ruling government… (By the time this article is written, Tan Hoon Cheng has been release by the police… Thank God). We have 3 others now who is still lock up… God save them and help to release them all soon… AMIN!

What catch my attention was why did they have to arrest the journalist? She’s just reported what she witness regarding the case of Datuk Ahmad Ismail (Umno Bukit Bendera) on his racial issues. Why not Datuk Ahmad are the one that should be arrest? Can you say it – No, he can’t be arrest since Dollah Badawi already punished him in Umno? He’s the one who started the fire for God sake…

To Datuk Ahmad, here is what I have to say to you: “Seorang pahlawan Melayu tak perlu berkokok nyaring untuk tunjuk kepahlawanannya… Bisingnya kamu umpama tin kosong yang hanya boleh memecahbelahkan rakyat Malaysia!”

To Sheih, Kak Bariah and family… Be strong brother. I’m always with you! The whole of Malaysia is with you… Inshaallah kebenaran akan nampak tak lama lagi!

Here’s my candles for RPK, Teressa and Bro Sheih…


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