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Remember… Remember… 16th of September…

Remember… Remember 16th of September
(Taken and adjusted from Guy Fawkes Night’s traditional themes – And hopefully may do changes for us Malaysian…)

Remember… Remember the 16 of September
The overtaking government and plot
I know of no reason
Why overtaking the government
Should ever be forgot
Anwar for PM, Anwar for PM, t’was our intent
To kick Abdullah and his cronies out of Putrajaya
32 Parliament members and a few fellow
To prove old Malaysian’s overthrow
By God’s providence we will succeed
With a dark lantern and burning match
Holla boys, holla boys, we will be unstoppable
Holla boys, holla boys, God will save the people…!


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After reading an article “Sodom and Gemorrah”, it shudders me to think what will happen to our country (God Forbid) should September 16 come to pass.

Comment by Sabda

along, angah pun ada blog. feel free to visit ok. nadanya sederhana la. hehehe

Comment by izwanazir

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