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15 Cents Only!

Starting from tomorrow the petrol and diesel prices will be reduced by 15 cents in Malaysia. Yes, 15 cents only! The current petrol price in Malaysia is RM2.70 per liter and starting from tomorrow, all Malaysian will enjoy the new price which is RM2.55 per liter…

According to Abdullah Bodohwi and his monkey cabinet, Shahrir Samad, the govenrnment has studied over a month of the world petrol prices that has shown a good sign of reducing. It takes them a month to announce the reduce price but only an hour to hike it to 78 cents a few months ago… Bastard!

The truth behind all of this action are… The inflation number is raising high to 8.5% and this has never happen before in the nation history! Even in 1997 / 1998 world economic crisis, the inflation rate in Malaysia was only 6-7%… Abdullah Bodohwi has stated that he’s the champion in making the life of all Malaysian as miserable as it could as the inflation rate climbing up as high as 8.5%… Congratulation moron!

And what matter the most… They all know that they has no other way to fight Anwar Ibrahim in Permatang Pauh By-Election unless they try to win some heart by reducing the petrol and diesel price… Good luck and if you guys dare, reduced the price by 70 cents lah ‘Barisan-Anwarphobia-Nasional’..!

Most of morons will gradually be clever from day by day… But in Abdullah case? I guess he’ll stay that way…


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