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When Everything Turned Upside Down…
August 4, 2008, 3:58 am
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I don’t know what’s happening to me. I started to feel fed up and give up on everything. Life, career, music, car racing, motocross… You name it. It’s everything! Suddenly everything become the most fucked up issues in my life. I’ve lost interest in everything and nothing in this world could ever impress me like they used to…

I’ve talk to Burn just now. Pelita Bangsar… Telling him how I feel deep inside me. How I felt that I’ve done something that I regret the most… I don’t know what but there’s a few things that I’ve started to felt regret… And how these feeling inside me growing and taking me back to my darkest moment in life back in 10 to 15 years ago… I don’t want that life anymore! But what’s the used of life when you can’t have the things you want most in your life? You work hard for it but it’s still meaningless and unachievable.. What’s the meaning of life when there’s no one to share your dreams, passion and interest…? I mean it! NO ONE!

Some may say that I have my family, friends around me that should bring a thousand meaning in my life… But the truth is I’m still here alone… No one did ever go with my way, walk in my path, think like I do, listen to whatever my words is and much much more…

Oh God.. I don’t know if this is the end of me… I’m losing grips on everything… Including me, my life and so on… The words that I told Burn just know keep on playing in my head again and again and again…

“Which one do you prefer… To suffer with pride on this very earth or be condemned forever in hell? – Both is suffering and painful to be…”

I know… I’m fucked!


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I recommend cups of tea wholeheartedly

Comment by djdarlek

yo bro!
these words touched my heart probably because i was living a period of my life a lil bit strange
anyway if i can suggest you onething i have learned….if the answer is not in yoursoul probably you’ll can find it into your real friends and believe me you can count them with only five fingers if you are really lucky 😉
stay safe man and joyful

with love and speed

Comment by Lw

fed up dgn life dan everything on earth hanya bagi org yg berputus asa.dan brputus asa adalah perkara yg dibenci olih Allah.dekati dirimu dgnNya sebyk2nya.ketenangan akan muncul tanpa kita sedari nanti.

Comment by mama

thanks DJ Darlek.. A cup of tea whole heartedly is so much relaxing.

LW.. Thanks dude. I guess you should feel the pain too even in your country, Italy..

And Mom… Thanks for the kind words. No one could ever replace you…!

Comment by Farul Azri

I am now comming out of such a period of hell on earth where nothing meant anything. A life where I would pour out my best ideas and not even a cricket cared enough to cherp.

The problem is quite complex and took me decades to find the answer right under my nose that brings greater comfort more often that all the junk this world serves up daily that is more than satisfying enough to keep living for and has ecstatic moments of great happiness.People are loving only part of the time. !st COR13 in kjv Bible.

Comment by j Scherer

Gently Choose!

Comment by j Scherer

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