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Micheal Jackson – Thriller
May 1, 2008, 4:40 pm
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Ok, if you think that early post of David Blaine is funny or maybe not funny enough for you, watch this! Do you remember last time when we used to hide over a blanket when Micheal Jackson Thriller music video appeared on TV? Yes… It was good old 80s! And the video does scared a hell lot of kids of that era. The 80s was full with horror, alien attack on earth kind of movie and their musical influences varies from one genre to another among that scopes. Not to forget those shinny and glow in the dark effects. Honestly, I love 80s more than the year 2000 and 80s has leave a huge impact on me especially on my musical influences…

Now, this is a remake music video from Micheal Jackson famous Thriller by God knows who this Indian fellow is… This was a re-written lyric as well. Not the Micheal Jackson one. Back then Micheal Jackson was a king of pop… At least before he had an interest on small and underage boys! Yeah… BOYS!

What the f? Enjoy… 😀

So, how’s that? Now, watch the second one.. It’s the same video but this time it comes with lyric. 😆

LOL. Now I can cool a bit from my work stress… 😎


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