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English 101
February 19, 2008, 1:43 am
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I know, I my self is far from good on my english vocabulary usage, but Zainuddin Maidin win the most worse english user in Malaysia. Not only his english, but he is too worse as a blabbering idiots, answering question far from the one being questionised. I’m wondering how could this uneducated person being promoted to become minister of Malaysia Information Ministry. God bless us all…

Since we’re Malaysians are heading towards our 12th General Election, please vote wisely. We don’t need anymore monkeys like this! With this post, I’ve include a video from Al-Jazeera TV channel doing a live phone interview with Zainuddin Maidin regarding the BERSIH Rally and demonstration asking for a fair erection process and electoral reform in Malaysia… Ops.. Election!

My advise to him would be – Step down or resign.. Start your own business / Open a mamak stall / or Be part of Mydin Hypermarket staff… Or at least, go learn proper english. I’ll pay for your fees…

You are such a disgrace to our country Zainuddin! And ohh.. Burma and Myanmar is the same country…

Zainuddin Maidin <– Click for more infos on this mofos.


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“it’z democrazy”…yaahhh man, you have some really crazy governors, ah?! I’m too sad for laughing even if he’s quite funny that man on aljazeera

Comment by Lw

wakaka…dude…u pay for his tuition fees??i guess he is more capable of handling it by himself..juz see wat brand of car he is driving…wakaka…

Comment by DaDevil/Kazuki_my

OMG! You are such a hilarious guy! I almost fell off my chair! We have the same sentiment about this! Thanks for sharing…

Comment by Suewitty

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