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Tak Nak! (Don’t Want!)
February 18, 2008, 1:20 pm
Filed under: Malaysian Politics

I’ve received an email from a friend of mine from north of Malaysia. Pak Lah – Well, It’s not Malaysia current Prime Minister, but this Pak Lah is one of my touge buddy from Taiping. Someone who is also a freelance photographer and he’s good! He has forwarded to me an email containing this very cute poster (To the author, please let me publish it in here – thanks!) and I’d like to share with others. Since the 12th general election day is coming very much closer, please vote wisely. SAY NO TO UMNO! SAY NO TO BN – BULLSHIT NATION! SAY NO TO PAK LAH – Err.. Pak Lah the current Prime Minister, not my friend…

[ Please click on images to view larger version ]

Tak Nak!

Tak Nak!

Tak Nak!

Tak Nak!


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