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Moto X Is The Way Of Life!
January 21, 2008, 11:37 am
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I’ve bought my self a brand new motorbike. It’s not as fast as the Ducati 848 or on the same par as Yamaha R1 but it does his job well. Especially on dirt roads.. Yeah. I’ve bought a dirt bike instead. Something that Malaysian local called it ‘scrambler’… It’s not a KTM monster dirt bike or a Kawasaki KLX or D-Tracker, it’s just a cheap and affordable RM6k++ BKZ TT125 four-stroke SOHC engine with all of it’s parts and facelift build from Hyosung RX125. Why would I’d bother to buy it? Okay here are my excuses…

1. Oil and petrol prices in Malaysia is getting worse with no sign it will goes any lower than now.
Rumors said, it will boost up again after March 2008 (after the 12th general election – which we are all already know that those fucking Barisan Nasional & UMNO ‘current government’ will win again with every manner possible). Currently the prices for petrol is RM1.92 per liter and from every rumors being flew by my ears, it will increase up to 50 cents and will make it RM2.42 per liter. Now, how am I gonna make a living with my current salary that surely will not increase in this short time period.

My car currently need RM70 to had full tank petrol but after the increments? Now, it will definitely be my weekend car or only will be driven if it rains on some certain days forward…

2. Toll prices will go up as well and Samy Vellu is not relevant anymore.
Datuk Seri Samy Vellu Sangalimuthu is not relevant anymore. He is one dick head that refused to step down from the ministry. He is one jack ass moron that only knew how to collect money from citizen. While Pak Lah (current Prime Minister) who’s done a ‘revamp’ on his cabinet once he rest his ass on the PM’s chair, also refused to take out Mr Samy from his favorite list. Mr Samy was not only once but hundreds of times has offended Malaysian Muslim with his quotes such as; “If the opponents don’t want us to build toll, then they should ask Quran build the roads for them” which is definitely a words humiliating the Holy Book of Quran, Allah SWT, Muslims and others… While Pak Lah who is happen to be a day sleeper and also the one who promoting his own ideology called ‘Islam Hadhari’ was also scared of Mr Samy and refused to let him go from the cabinet. Now, where’s Pak Lah’s integrity in defending those type of humiliating his own religion? After all, Mr Samy has already been in the cabinet since 1979… That’s 31 years old and longer than Dr Mahathir Mohamed politics life span…

He’s not relevant anymore… Change the government now!


3. Other types of increments including electricity and living cost (especially).
As I’ve wrote earlier, everything in Malaysia is ‘not surprisingly’ increasing except citizens salary… For those who spend their typical everyday in mega cities such as Kuala Lumpur will understand what I’m talking about. Food prices, housing rates and prices, school’s bill, transportations and more is at the worse level when it came to money matter. Even there’s a few public toilet’s here in KL is rated RM2 per entry… Now that’s crazy. We have to pay to pee…

4. Why don’t I just buy a Honda Cub 70cc or EX5 to save my money?
There’s one bastard known as Khairy Jamaluddin and happen to be Pak Lah son in law has in some way supporting ‘mat rempit’ and it’s activities. Mat rempit is famously known by local citizen as the person who run in huge groups of small motorcycles (Honda EX5 and such) and or has been causing troubles in anywhere they goes… Involving in an illegal race, gang fight, robbing, raping and such makes mat rempit as your worse nightmare! Khairy in some statements has clearly stated that he had nothing against those rempit and their activities and with the power in his hand, he support everything that came from a mat rempit. While most of Malaysians hated and dislike mat rempit, our PM’s son in law are openly supporting them… Now, where’s his integrity as a young Malaysians?


That is also one of the reason I don’t want to buy ordinary bike such as EX5, LC135 because of mat rempit issue. I’m not afraid if I were labeled as one of them, because I’m not… I’m just trying to play safe by buying a ‘scrambler’ since not many people are interested in it plus it wont attract any of mat rempit’s attention.

5. Scrambler is good in KL.
Yeah… Any city who has Kuala Lumpur kind of roads with holes and bumps and traffic jams everywhere and not to mentioned flash floods, scrambler is definitely my best choices to reduced my spending money. I can go up and down the holes on roads in a breeze of wind and not to mentioned climbing up a road curbs on traffic jams with ease… Not only that, I am realizing my childhood dreams to own a Moto X and became part of it’s lifestyles…

To cut everything short, I am no longer cursing but smiling and laughing instead when facing a traffic jam now. All I have to do is be careful and drive safe…




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Comment by liroy

respect man!
i’m really happy when i see people who face this kind of things or shit we can say with his will and inner strength , especially in this period

Comment by Lw

oh yeah … thats choice buddy! …. both ..on buying a scrambler and against the opposing government ! m kinda interested on getting a trail bike myself…. is that a China made scrambler? coz there are a few good selections in the China made catalogue , m sure yours is first hand … look damn slick still…. how about KTM bikes? any chance of gettin em below 6k?

Comment by congathreat

thanks congathreat! Mine is a Korean made bike but being assemble in Malaysia. It’s called BKZ, a product of Hyosung with a blue print engine from Suzuki.

If you need to find a KTM instead, you may get below RM6k for a second hand one but it’s not going to be road legal. With no road tax and etc, the bike is solely for offroad use only. A friend of mine is now selling off his KTM 400cc for RM7k. Buzz me if your’re inetersted.


Comment by Farul Azri

hello there friend ! tq for replying …. yeah i think i stumble upon an ad in adpost site …this fellow is selling off his hyosung tt125 and look exactly like yours , u didnt buy it off this fellow did you? anyways ur ride is lookin fine i like! tu lah….i rasa i dah stim dgn dirt bike nie, and would really keen on getting one , m not really fancy on brands , hell i would get a china made one if its good in the long run , but KTM caught my eye la … i dun think ill be doin much off road with d bike…bawak pegi kerja je rasanya … and this thing with 2 stroke and 4 stroke bike …they say 2 stroke is bad for the environment but its still choice among moto X ol’ timers , but personally i prefer it to be eco friendly lah and good value for d pocket also… btw this friend of yours whos selling his KTM 400cc for 7k is quite a good offer … can i know what year the model is ? and issit possible to look at a picture or sumthing …. but for a second thought … 400cc 4 stroke for a newbie…. macam dahsyat jer …i really need an opinion … tqvm!


Comment by congathreat

oh yeah , and all the best to Raja Petra … this is yet another shameful/absurd action taken by the gov to crackdown on bloggers and hey….the truth remains … i want to see how long Najib boleh menyorok belakang his tanks ,sukhoi jetz and billionz of ringgit before ppl can prove he’s d killer ! shame shame shame

Comment by congathreat

agree with you Haziman.. Shame on Najib! sooner or later, the truth will be expose and known to public..

my bike is a brand new one and of course i didn’t by the one you saw in adpost.. LOL.. most of newly production bike are all now a 4 strokes model. bigger company like the KTM, Kawasaki, Honda and etc has stop producing 2 strokes bikes in answering the ecology campaign.

for your info, this TT125 is really an easy bargain. spare parts is easy to get and can be said kinda cheap as well. that’s good for our pocket value for sure.. hehe.. bike price started at RM6k (more or less) for the 125cc and 7k (more or less) for the 160cc model. personally, i’d still go for the well known model such as the KTM, Honda and etc, but money wise, it is up to your own decision as big brand may harm your pocket once you buy them and later burn another hole in future for parts and such. in that case, China made brands fall in the last category as the quality may still harm your pockets sooner or later.. Personally for me, Korean brands fall in the middle.. meaning, still go with lower price but have a quality if not on the same par, it is almost comparable to those big names.. Imagine Naza Blade – A Korean bike but esemble in Malaysia. Think of MPV Naza Ria and such… the quality is still there but comes with low price tag.. Hyndai, Hyosung… is just another option we had as a Malaysian…

If only all Malaysia citizen get the chances to hold the AP (approved permit) thingy… our life should be much better… at least before Rafidah Aziz ruined it..

and err, the KTM (the one my friends are selling) is not road legal. takde geran and all.. meaning the bike is solely used for the offroad activities.. he bought the bike from Thailand.. i dunno if the bike is still available.. i’ll check it for you…


Comment by Farul Azri

Hey there, I’m thinking of getting one of these myself. I just checked out the TT160 and it’s looking real sharp, but the color choices are sad at the place I went to. It’s at Puchong [near the balai polis] and they only have yellow and orange… I’m looking for the black or green one, where did you get yours?

Comment by alanbernard

Dear Alan, I buyed my bike from a shop somewhere in Bangsar. Mine is just a 125cc, but I saw and ride the 160 machine. Believe me, the differences is huge. 160 is far much better than mine. Pickup wise, throttle respond and everything. If you went to the Bikerz HQ in Puchong, they should have more than the color option you saw in the showroom. Red, yellow.. About black, I am not sure because most of my friends who ride the same bike has sprayed the black color over orange, yellow and etc.


Comment by Farul Azri

salam & hi to u all…
farul,i’m juz want 2 inform those guy who want 2 share some info bout d bike…i also had bought it last feb…for me, dis d best bike in it range (economical trial bike) compared 2 other brands like DEMAK(china made)around RM5k++ or MZ 125 trial bike RM 9k++ (german tech but china made also)or 2nd bike da will cost u high coz of it’s maintenance & parts to change( u won’t feel d performance as new bike…i’m really mean it…
Mine also like u owned TT125..(i’m not bought d upgraded 160cc due 2 run out of cash dat time)..
For those wanna buy dis bike..if u want discount bout RM200, let them (i mean TT125 buyers) introduce u…& my advice..don buy it installment coz it will coz u a small probs if u want 2 transfer it 2 east malaysia (like myself coz i in Kota Kinabalu rite now..)& it will coz u higher cost nearly RM9k++ based on 14.4% interest for only TT125..but i solved my probs already…huhu..(feels so regret i’m ruin of of cash while i wanna buy dat bike..)
they also not 2 worry for d maintenance & part coz BKZ have all over malaysia it’s retails & service centre (except SABAH..huhu..unlucky for me..)
Anyway, for those interested..juz get one..u won’t regret…hehe…

Comment by yuz

dude, nice bike.

i’m looking for a good street-legal dirt bike so i can ride around town as well as commuting short-distance to work everyday.

was thinking of the Kawa D-Tracker or maybe those nasty looking KTMs.

am also looking for like-minded brothers like you to share thoughts and opinions.

please email me back ok 😉 thanks

Comment by andaq

this is what my dad wants

Comment by Sofia

Ya la Bro, i pn baru 3-4 bln dpt dirt bike mcm u pny. Lama2 makin stim lak layan moto ni. Engine i dh up grade 200. Pick up best giler. Mana2 bonggol i redah semacam xde brake2 lg. Tp i ada masalah skt, i xtau mana nak cari cover set yg lain. Sb cover set yg skrg ni ada yg dh patah n pecah skt. Klu u ada tempat yg jual cover set 2 yg murah2, blh la tlg roger i.

Comment by Ajaq

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