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Push The Tempo
January 27, 2008, 11:27 am
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Bought a new pair of shoes in One Utama last few weeks while I was hanging out with Burn searching for any available WiFi hot-spot without realising that the whole One Utama building was W-Fi enabled area. Puma Tempo. It cost me around RM239. Been a fan of Puma since the 80s. Puma is one of the Germans sportswear manufacturer that know how to really design sport stuff the has those 70s look and made it future proof. Sorry Nike fans. Nike is so overrated with it’s futuristic design and it looked bad… At least on the eye of a designer like me. Adidas is cool but Puma is much more preferable… For me, what I’m trying to do now is to start boycotting any products that held the tag ‘Made In USA’…

Now, push the tempo…

Puma Tempo


VK Lingam Versus Snake
January 23, 2008, 11:57 am
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He looked like me, sound like me.. But I’m not sure if it’s me..

One sentence that sound as the most fucked up buzzing effect to my ears made by this one big snake head in Malaysia during it’s trial which involve Malaysian ex-prime minister, Tun Dr Mahathir. Enough said! We, Malaysian has been ‘forced’ to looked into so much drama made by the government, UMNO, Barisan Nasional, police man and others that corrupt and this VK Lingam case will be next up on HBO…

I remember my father used to ask me with one of his silly question when I was a kid which sound similar to this, but I’ve translated it to my own environment – “If you were walking alone at one night and saw a.. Let’s say cobra (snake) and VK Lingam on the other side, which one will you kill first?” – I’ll take VK Lingam as the only answer!

I can’t imagine on how the result of his trial will be. 70% of the final judgement will find him innocent I guess. That’s BN – Bullshit Nation! Eh, by the way, where’s Datuk S. Augustine Paul…? Can he be put on trial too…?

Moto X Is The Way Of Life!
January 21, 2008, 11:37 am
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I’ve bought my self a brand new motorbike. It’s not as fast as the Ducati 848 or on the same par as Yamaha R1 but it does his job well. Especially on dirt roads.. Yeah. I’ve bought a dirt bike instead. Something that Malaysian local called it ‘scrambler’… It’s not a KTM monster dirt bike or a Kawasaki KLX or D-Tracker, it’s just a cheap and affordable RM6k++ BKZ TT125 four-stroke SOHC engine with all of it’s parts and facelift build from Hyosung RX125. Why would I’d bother to buy it? Okay here are my excuses…

1. Oil and petrol prices in Malaysia is getting worse with no sign it will goes any lower than now.
Rumors said, it will boost up again after March 2008 (after the 12th general election – which we are all already know that those fucking Barisan Nasional & UMNO ‘current government’ will win again with every manner possible). Currently the prices for petrol is RM1.92 per liter and from every rumors being flew by my ears, it will increase up to 50 cents and will make it RM2.42 per liter. Now, how am I gonna make a living with my current salary that surely will not increase in this short time period.

My car currently need RM70 to had full tank petrol but after the increments? Now, it will definitely be my weekend car or only will be driven if it rains on some certain days forward…

2. Toll prices will go up as well and Samy Vellu is not relevant anymore.
Datuk Seri Samy Vellu Sangalimuthu is not relevant anymore. He is one dick head that refused to step down from the ministry. He is one jack ass moron that only knew how to collect money from citizen. While Pak Lah (current Prime Minister) who’s done a ‘revamp’ on his cabinet once he rest his ass on the PM’s chair, also refused to take out Mr Samy from his favorite list. Mr Samy was not only once but hundreds of times has offended Malaysian Muslim with his quotes such as; “If the opponents don’t want us to build toll, then they should ask Quran build the roads for them” which is definitely a words humiliating the Holy Book of Quran, Allah SWT, Muslims and others… While Pak Lah who is happen to be a day sleeper and also the one who promoting his own ideology called ‘Islam Hadhari’ was also scared of Mr Samy and refused to let him go from the cabinet. Now, where’s Pak Lah’s integrity in defending those type of humiliating his own religion? After all, Mr Samy has already been in the cabinet since 1979… That’s 31 years old and longer than Dr Mahathir Mohamed politics life span…

He’s not relevant anymore… Change the government now!


3. Other types of increments including electricity and living cost (especially).
As I’ve wrote earlier, everything in Malaysia is ‘not surprisingly’ increasing except citizens salary… For those who spend their typical everyday in mega cities such as Kuala Lumpur will understand what I’m talking about. Food prices, housing rates and prices, school’s bill, transportations and more is at the worse level when it came to money matter. Even there’s a few public toilet’s here in KL is rated RM2 per entry… Now that’s crazy. We have to pay to pee…

4. Why don’t I just buy a Honda Cub 70cc or EX5 to save my money?
There’s one bastard known as Khairy Jamaluddin and happen to be Pak Lah son in law has in some way supporting ‘mat rempit’ and it’s activities. Mat rempit is famously known by local citizen as the person who run in huge groups of small motorcycles (Honda EX5 and such) and or has been causing troubles in anywhere they goes… Involving in an illegal race, gang fight, robbing, raping and such makes mat rempit as your worse nightmare! Khairy in some statements has clearly stated that he had nothing against those rempit and their activities and with the power in his hand, he support everything that came from a mat rempit. While most of Malaysians hated and dislike mat rempit, our PM’s son in law are openly supporting them… Now, where’s his integrity as a young Malaysians?


That is also one of the reason I don’t want to buy ordinary bike such as EX5, LC135 because of mat rempit issue. I’m not afraid if I were labeled as one of them, because I’m not… I’m just trying to play safe by buying a ‘scrambler’ since not many people are interested in it plus it wont attract any of mat rempit’s attention.

5. Scrambler is good in KL.
Yeah… Any city who has Kuala Lumpur kind of roads with holes and bumps and traffic jams everywhere and not to mentioned flash floods, scrambler is definitely my best choices to reduced my spending money. I can go up and down the holes on roads in a breeze of wind and not to mentioned climbing up a road curbs on traffic jams with ease… Not only that, I am realizing my childhood dreams to own a Moto X and became part of it’s lifestyles…

To cut everything short, I am no longer cursing but smiling and laughing instead when facing a traffic jam now. All I have to do is be careful and drive safe…



Back On Track…
January 3, 2008, 9:31 am
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Finally I’m here again. Back on track… I haven’t write anything in here for quite a while. For a couple of months I’ve left the blog empty without any updates. I’m sorry.. Just to slow down things on the other side. Bukit Aman Special Branch Police came and knocking on my door just right after I wrote the article ‘Merdeka dan Menderhaka Dalam 50 Tahun’, but who cares anyway… It’s just them doing their job as instructed by the government. A government who felt a bit awkward by reading the truth of this very nation called Malaysia… A scared government…

The policemen has ask me to tone down or I.S.A (Internal Security Act) might be my next nightmare. But do I care? Not really… It’s I.S.A after all, not God’s HELL. It is much better to spend 5 years in ISA rather than to suffer a day being damned in hell. But my wife care.. And because of her, I love her… And I’m gonna let her feel safe… At least…

Anyway, here I am… And I’ll continue writing again on every little crap that happen in my life and every little shit that surround my view and panorama…


Selamat Tahun Baru Masehi 2008 (Happy New Year)
January 1, 2008, 9:43 am
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Selamat Tahun Baru Masehi 2008 and Happy New Year to all of you…

We are all growing older… And counting time to death…