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Police Was Doing Their Job and I Was Doing Mine…
October 3, 2007, 3:08 am
Filed under: Life

Speeding up in highways are really not my style. I never had intentions to drive on full throttle in a freeway except on those mountain passes activities… And it’s not a highways for sure. Why i never like to speed on a freeway? One = Because I am afraid of hitting others i.e innocent drivers, pedestrians, divider walls and a few other things. Second = Because my car is not powerful to go full throttle at freeways. VTEC owners can smoke me at any given time. I only had 125 hp more or less currently and that’s not power. Really… Third = Cops and road blocks are everywhere. Means, I can get free tickets for speeding.

Still I speed up only on a certain excuses such as = Being late for work or client meeting or rushing back home where my real life is waiting…

That’s why I love mountain passes. No police. No road blocks. No speedtraps. No traffic lights. No camera. No humps. No innocent driver or pedestrians especially at night. But what they offered there was nothing but deep cliff and big walls surrounding me in pitch black forest… Beside my own excitement and dangerously taking my life at edge of the risk…

This is what I get for doing 120+ at MRR2 recently. I honestly thought that the speed limit there was 120 km/h while the reality was 80 km/h. Fucked up? Who care? Yes, I’m fucked up! Those cops was doing their jobs and I was doing mine…


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