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Polis Raja Di Malaysia
October 31, 2007, 2:58 pm
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Police – Brutality. Two words that can bring different meaning to any of us. It can also bring fond memories for those who has ever experienced it. Police in one word are the force that suppose to protect us from being harm in any manner. Police are the one who can turn any storm city become city of angels. All together living peacefully. Police are the one who supposed to protect citizen from any bad behavior of humans… And so other things. But when the word ‘brutality’ came in, do you still think that police can be dependable?

I’m not talking about police in any other places or country. We don’t have to look further but Malaysia itself. According to some old folks tales here – Local Police and Custom are the most corrupted bodies in Malaysia. With so many buyers issues being heard now and then, makes them stand still in my number one list of corrupted uniform bodies in Malaysia. Still, the list didn’t just stop there. Followed by many others corporate / goverment bodies that has already well corrupted such as the SPR (Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya), JPN (National Registration Center) and many more. That’s still not included about Petronas money, TNB (Tenaga Nasional Berhad) MAS (Malaysia Airline Systems), Tabung Haji and etc. where most of the money can be happily taken off of their own greed. I can make hundred of list if I wanted to but forget it. I’m here to talk about police brutality…

To tell you guys the truth – From my own point of view, I have never trusted police since I was a lil’ kid. I’ve experienced policeman slap on my face – being kick off hardly – kick in the eye and so on. Plain reason – Beacuse I was part of the crowd in a peace demonstration. Once again… PEACE DEMONSTRATION! The last police brutality action that ever happen to me was way back in 2004 Malaysia General Election day. I was supposed to vote in Klang, Selangor but later find out that my name has been shifted to Terengganu. Still I managed to calm my self down – Until the goverment decided to expand the time for voting until 7pm for Selangor only… I’ve started to protest around the votiong area and that was the last ‘slap on the face’ I get from an FRU in complete uniforms.

Here I’ve compiled some of the old pictures where police has misused their given powers with brutality action taken to normal citizen and things that happen around it. It is clearly that the body shouldn’t be called ‘Polis DiRaja Malaysia’ but we have to change it to ‘Polis Raja Di Malaysia’ (Police is the King in Malaysia). Now bring back people trust in local police… While I wanted to say, Fuck the police…!

Police Brutality
Police Brutality
Police Brutality
Police Brutality
Police Brutality
Police Brutality
Police Brutality Protest


Half Life
October 23, 2007, 11:33 pm
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Half life wastes before it goes
It’s funny how your bee sting touch never leaves me whole
It’s not enough to stay here almost trying
You keep your last laugh watch this dying
It’s just your half time vertigo
And if you want an answer, I don’t know

If you had completed me
Don’t think I’d be pleased with you
Don’t think I’d compete with you
With half of me to take

Half life nothing I’d call home
It’s lucky how these phantom limb bee stings never show
It’s not enough to leave this falling kindly
You burn my star down twice as brightly
It’s just your half light undertow
But if you need forgiveness, I don’t know

If you had completed me
Don’t think I’d be pleased with you
Don’t think I’d compete with you
With half of me to take

Half light breaks with nothing wrong
Just a corner of my bed where you don’t belong
It’s kind of you to notice no-one’s dying
You had your last laugh, almost crying
It’s just your half life long to know
And if you need a reason, so it goes

If you had completed me
Don’t think I’d be pleased with you
Don’t think I’d compete with you
With half of me to take

Mitsubishi Lancer WRC vs J’S Racing Honda S2000 at Gunsai Touge
October 16, 2007, 8:30 am
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Mitsubishi Lancer WRC 2005 drive by: Fumio Nutahara
J’S Honda S2000 drive by: Keiichi Tsuchiya

Police Was Doing Their Job and I Was Doing Mine…
October 3, 2007, 3:08 am
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Speeding up in highways are really not my style. I never had intentions to drive on full throttle in a freeway except on those mountain passes activities… And it’s not a highways for sure. Why i never like to speed on a freeway? One = Because I am afraid of hitting others i.e innocent drivers, pedestrians, divider walls and a few other things. Second = Because my car is not powerful to go full throttle at freeways. VTEC owners can smoke me at any given time. I only had 125 hp more or less currently and that’s not power. Really… Third = Cops and road blocks are everywhere. Means, I can get free tickets for speeding.

Still I speed up only on a certain excuses such as = Being late for work or client meeting or rushing back home where my real life is waiting…

That’s why I love mountain passes. No police. No road blocks. No speedtraps. No traffic lights. No camera. No humps. No innocent driver or pedestrians especially at night. But what they offered there was nothing but deep cliff and big walls surrounding me in pitch black forest… Beside my own excitement and dangerously taking my life at edge of the risk…

This is what I get for doing 120+ at MRR2 recently. I honestly thought that the speed limit there was 120 km/h while the reality was 80 km/h. Fucked up? Who care? Yes, I’m fucked up! Those cops was doing their jobs and I was doing mine…