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Hiroshima In Memories
August 6, 2007, 7:41 pm
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Hiroshima Bombing

On this very date of today, the United States of America has used it’s power over the world with the Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Imperial Japan bombing during the World War II. Yes it’s all happen today exactly on August 6, 1945, 62 years ago. Three days after the Hiroshima bombing, the US army under President, Harry S. Truman decided to drop another one on Nagasaki. US action has led thousand of Japanese to uncried death, it’s left thousand to become ‘the next minute widowed’ and thousand of children crying hopelessly in the streets of Hiroshima and Nagasaki looking for their farmers parent. That’s what a WAR could cost us as a human being…

During the WWII, the world has been collide and divided into two half where the Nazi’s has extremely taken Europe by storm and the Japanese troops has took over Asia in a blink of an eye… It was the world military conflict which lasted from 1939 to 1945. The US at first has nothing to do with the war until the day when Pearl Harbour recieved a massive air raid by the Japanese. Long before that, the British has appeal hundreds of times to the US goverment to help them to put the war with the Nazi’s to an end but they refused to join in. But right after their lovely Pearl Harbour has been taken down by the Japs, the US show no mercy and showed the world their true military potential and a few years later up until today, they has becomes the world most sophisticated and powerful military country.

I am trully not a fan of war. I am not a good fighter my self. I can’t handle machine gun or fly any jet fighter. So I am definately a peace lover. The World War II has showed us what it could do to everyone of us. Let us all leave those military and political bullshit behind and pray for a better living. I know.. I know… sooner or later another war will explode. The end of every war of the world. When black flag has raised, when army with sharp swords on horses starts to ride and when Imam Mahadi has appear on the public then the time has come. But until now, let us all live in peace…

Here I would like to mentioned, since the very first World War to the second World War and up until today, United States of America was merely the ‘one and only’ country has ever used Nuclear weapon such as atomic bombs they’ve used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. There is no any other single country has ever used that kind of weapon no matter in what war beside the US. Yet still they accused any other country in this very world to stop building and developing it… So what’s the catch here? Just remember, that when the ‘time’ has come, no any other weapon can be used. Every technological weaponry will be useless and people will starts to fight with swords, arrow and bow and spears again… So be prepared!

Hiroshima Aftermath


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