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The Cure Is Finally Here!
June 11, 2007, 5:35 pm
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Robert Smith of The Cure

Finally… And I am not dreaming.. The Cure is set to rock Singapore on this coming 1st of August… It’s The Cure oi..!! They’ve been my ‘personal’ cure since the 80s. The band started out in 1976 known as ‘Easy Cure’. I’ve followed the band carrier since then. Collecting each of their album and single collection plus their t-shirts, biography books and much more stuff. God damn it..!! Yes, I’m not dreaming… The Cure is coming..!! This is the most exciting news for me in ages…

The Cure’s main idol, Robert Smith lyrics has really cured me from life disease and such. So I’ll definitely will not give a no-no to this concert. I personally think this is one in a lifetime chances since they’re already old. And I’m old too. This will probably be their one and only concert in South East Asia…! Although I almost wont believe it till i see the date listed on their website on the 1st of August 2007.. And to Robert Smith, you have made mine and many others year..!

The Cure and Robert Smith was one of the big reason I formed my first band, Extraterrestrial then later on Death Becomes Her or most of KL gig goers would call it DBH. Thanks to my cousin who’ve lend me his ‘Three Imaginary Boys’ and ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ album somewhere in 1983.. I was only 5 years old at that time.. Can you imagine..? I still remember singing along the ‘Drip.. Drip.. Drip…’ part from the ’10:15 Saturday Night’ song. The rest is history… Only to realise after that I’ve been collecting one album after another untill my working and adult era…

Plus I’ve too many heart broken memories, with no one to turns to but The Cure was always there to cure me.. To cure my broken heart. Robert Smith lyrics and The Cure’s music did blend so well that they managed to throw me on my lullabies memory.. *sigh* Remember those days where Benson & Hedges used to have one TV show called ‘Golden Dreams..? I did enroll too and received one phone call from them asking about my dream.. I told them that my golden dreams is to play live set with The Cure in Royal Albert Hall of London.. Sadly to say, they think that my dream was too much for them.. Well, that’s The Cure at their 30 years of career.. And my stories as one of their biggest fan…

So, wait no more as The Cure is finally here to teach all of SE Asian the real value of music. To ‘cure’ every of their fans. To draw big question mark to those who think they’re ’emo’ enough or they’re as dark as ‘My Chemical Romance’.. This is The Cure, and they’re the real thing..! The ‘God-Father’ of all or may I say, ‘Goth-Father’…?

I’m booking my tickets now… 🙂

Here are the ticket price.. SGD $178, $148, $188, $78. Another set that might kill you.. But who care..? I’m going definitely…! For more info on tickets, please visits:

Live Nation Asia

Or go directly to The Cure Official for more info on the concert..

Robert Smith of The Cure


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Hey!! Though I love, I agree that The Cure is The Original! I guess people who think The Cure is not dark enough have only ever listened to Loevsong or Friday I’m in Love. Try Wendy Time or From the Edge of the Deep Green Sea. Oh Iwish I could just stop..I know anothet moment could break my heart…

see you there bro.. I’ll be the one singing and dancing my heart out.

Comment by enolasmith

oops.. too many typo errors.. just so excited as I just got my tickets.. muahahahhahahh

Comment by enolasmith

lol… 😆 i’ll see you there bro as i’ll be dancing all night long to the tunes as well..!! Wish is definately one of the best besides Disentegration and other release… hehehe…

Comment by Farul Azri

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