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One SMS That Changed My View
June 8, 2007, 9:00 pm
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Before my weeding took place a week ago, I’ve been busy driving here and there trying to send my invitation cards to everyone that matters the most in my life.. I call up everyone. Sending SMSes until I get one SMS that changed my entire view on what we called ‘BEST FRIENDS’…

Probably I’m the one who felt such urges of excitements and feeling enthusiastic about my big day or she are the one who started out everything.. Ruined everything on my big day.. Spoiled every inch of my moods… But I have a strong feeling about this.. It stays firms in my heart, I’m not the one who to blame…

Well here’s what happen…
On May 16, 2007 (Wednesday), two weeks before my wedding.. An SMS..
ME : When can i see you? Need to pass my invitation cards to you.. My wedding is coming over as you know it, so are you free tonight?
SHE : Sorry, I’m not free tonight…
ME : Okay then, whatever and whenever you’re free, do let me know..

Then the SMS continue again on May 22nd but we was talking about payment on my previos performances. I was testing her.. And as my expectations, she never mentioned anything about she wanted to collect my cards.. Then we continue again on SMSes on May 28th.. This time, I’ve driven up my self to her house to hand over the cards my self…
ME : Where are you?
SHE :Here in Puchong…
ME :What the hell are you doing in Puchong?
SHE : I God dammit stay here
ME :Since when..? and who’s at your Melawati House..?
SHE :My parent are still in Melawati.. Whay so many question..?
ME :Hmm.. So, you don’t know my wedding is on this coimng Sunday.. It’s ok I’ll just pass the cards to your parent then… Seems like you didn’t care to noticed at all…
SHE :Excuse me, no one even bother to tell me and suddenly I’m at fault to not notice your wedding. WISH I COULD BE SORRY, BUT I’M NOT..!!
ME :I think your family semua dah tido.. I dah leave it all inside your post box…
SHE : I’ll check it tomorrow…
ME : Ha Ha Ha… Remember or not last time I message you telling that I wanted to send you my invitation card and you’ve mentioned about you being busy and such… Don’t say I don’t remind you… Fuck! just forget it, I don’t really care anymore…

And as came to my knowledge, the night before my wedding i.e. June 2nd, she hasn’t check her parent post box yet and was asking for a direction from my friends, Fird… If this is what you called best mates, best friends, brother and sisters.. Fuck off…!! Your appearence on my wedding cannot changed anything.. No sorry. No nothing from you, besides that silly smiles you wear on your face on my wedding day…

I’m sorry to say this, I can’t accept this. I can’t tolerate. If you can’t respect me as your friends, please respect my big day. Please at least respect my existence in your life. I’m sorry if this would be our future and another saddened our-life-history in the making.. Sad to say, you’re such a big imagination person but tiny little stupid brain… Stop calling me your brother..!!

I guess, ‘sorry’ is the hardest things for you to say…

NOTE : I usually didn’t write anything personal here about my life and it’s surrounding other than my political shits and stuff… But I am so mad up until today.. So, this is an excuses..!


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you havnt talkd 2her ever since?

Comment by nadia

never and not until today.. WISH I COULD BE SORRY, BUT I’M NOT!

Comment by Farul Azri

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