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I’ve End Up My Bachelor Period
June 3, 2007, 11:27 pm
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One Family

Finally, at the age of almost 29 years old, I’ve end up my bachelor period with someone I’ve known for quite a while. For quite a years. Someone I’ve known since my ‘darkest’ days as a teenagers. Someone who seems to understand on everything I’ve faced wether it’s good or bad. Someone who willing to share any of my interest… Touge. Music. Travelling. Photography. Almost anything.. She is someone that I might be sharing my balance of life… More or less another 30 years of age that I can’t really figure out what it’s gonna be… And I trully hope that she’ll be here with me from this day onwards.. That’s her.. That’s Mimie.. My Wife.. And I’m a husband now and hopefully soon I’m gonna be a father… One Family.. Finally for me..!

Friends and families from all over the globe came on my wedding day. Just name it, my close buddy, my music friends, my cars enthusiast, political and anti-goverment friends, ex-school mates, ex-college mates, my travelling mates.. Faces from Denmark, UK and Japan was all over.. They’ve comes to celebrates.. To Celebrates me that I am finally gonna have a family of my own… Again.

It’s not that I’m saying that I don’t have a family before this. I do. The thing is, I’ve spend my past 29 years growing up alone. I grew up on the street. Learning everything, good and bad from the street and friends.. It’s not that I’m saying my family was broken.. No..! My family is good enough for me.. And I pray they’ll continue be in this situation forever.. At least until the day my mother close her eyes and my father stop breathing.. At least let it be until the day I die.. I want them to leave the world happily as the days they were born on this very earth.. smiling and crying for everyone’s attention… So, they’re not the one who to blame.. I’m the one who choose to live my life this way.. I wanted to be bad. I wanted to learn everything from the people around me and I’m proud of it.. Here I am.. Standing today. Feeling proud with this hybrid thinking of mine… With this knowledge and everything, I hope I could share it with the people that needed me or with just anyone else..

To each and every of my buddies that came and celebrates me, I must say THANK YOU and always remember my dear friends.. You guys means the whole world to me.. You guys will always be my families.. Wish me luck for me to face the next coming 30 years (probably) as one happy family, as the greatest husband on earth and hopefully soon to be the most faithfull father in the world…

Amin ya rabbalalamin…

Thank you mom. You’re the most wonderful things I ever had in my life.
Thank you dad. For being so understanding with my attitude and ego.
Thank you brothers and sisters. For cheering me up whenever I needed you guys.
Thank you all… Friends, for teaching me everything in this world.


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sangat gembira tuk kamu!

Comment by sheeha

Congrats on your wedding! nama anak ko kalau lelaki letak nama Kashfi dowh! Aku rasa sedap dowh nama tuh…

Comment by ashz

How beautiful!
MOga2 kamu dapt tempuhi alam yang baru dgn baik dan dirahmati Allah s.w.t
take care!

Comment by nadia

very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

Comment by Idetrorce

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