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Mazidul Caught Red Handed & PM Knockout
May 15, 2007, 7:43 pm
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Finally, Mazidul Akmar Sidek, the plump host of TV3 999 (crime-documentary) get caught red handed. I am the one who’s been laughing all the way to the news. Why should I be laughing out loud? This is because if you ever watch the programme, you’ll be noticed on how irritating that fella was… He’s been too loud on local crime scene and showing off his credibility in trying to rid any crime… Finally, he has been caught righthanded with drug charges… 😆

It’s what I called K.A.R.M.A..! What you give, you’ll get back… No nonsense talk of shit showing off you are in good side, trying hard to show off you’re good with the cops and politician.. And from my ‘trusted’ informer, there’s one or two cops has also get caught with him… I’m not saying that I support bad guy and against good guy.. No, I’m not..!! I’m just feel too much uncomfortness by watching his show on TV and by hearing his bloody irritating voice commenting, commanding and everything he could do on TV..

Now eat shit fucker..!

Meanwhile, Malaysia PM, Mr Abdullah Badawi has denied the news that he collapsed and knock out yesterday while meeting with locals somewhere in Perak… BN / UMNO and it’s kind always denied in everything that happens.. Heh, It’s still full of shit, from my point of view…


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yeah right man, eat your shit fucker…look how this fucker talked with any person like mat rempit, mat stim…like he is god…

Comment by Kudin

wakaka…azuri,u knw when i saw the news i laugh out so loud,till my parents from the room oso came to my room and ask me why i laugh so loud,den when my father watch the news,he oso laugh….wat i wanted to saw is…PADAN MUKA….always say those crap,rupa rupanya he oso in the crap…

Comment by Kazuki

he deserve that.!!

Comment by eika

Well, u should be licking ur spit by now Mr. Azuri. He was not guilty as proven. It was a mistake.Kita tak nampak. Jangan menuduh orang sembarangan. Allah marah. En.Mazidul tu bukannya buat benda tak baik. Pekerjaan yang patut digalakkan. Dia berani nak selongkar berita. Pemikiran orang Malaysia yang cepat melatah, dah terbukti melampau.
Beristighfar sebentar. and think before you make any statement that can humiliate other.


Comment by nadia

I wont be licking my spit Cik Nadia. PLus I’m not the type of person who just shoot words at anyone without knowing the truth. I know Mazidul so well. My brother work with him in TV3 (Izwan Azir) and I work in Media Prima as well, New Straits Times Press (for your info). We all know who Mazidul really is… Plus you may ask any UiTM student that do practical under his supervision. God know what I say…

Go figure!

Comment by Farul Azri

He is a strong guy and people made mistakes… may be he already changed and wants to be someone that can contribute to the society…
tv3 (the employer) should know him better because that is their job before he is given this kind of program..
I like the way he bring up some issues.. may be he is too rough from your point of view but what to do because that is him… Mazidul..

Comment by mamu sham

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