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My Latest Addiction, Here’s My Confession!
April 27, 2007, 11:31 pm
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I’m addicted! Addicted to something that I should’ve done for a long time ago. Those thing were much more easier to get back in three years ago.. Much more easier when I was not around. Not in Kuala Lumpur. Not in Malaysia. Plus it is much more cheaper to buy it outside of Malaysia, especially in Japan. Damn it.. I regret for not doing it long ago…

Now only I’m planning to start everything, where everything is quite late for me. Starting at the age of 29 must be something silly. Something stupid. Most of my friends at the age of 29 has something they can proud of. Big cars and family. Most of them already has own house.. What the heck, I already has my own house, I already has car even it’s not compact and powerfull as 911 or as bulky and tough as Lamborghini, but it’s mine and I’m satisfied..

The new thing that drag me to my own fantasy world which has give me new addiction was nothing more than compiling my favourite cars in 1:24 scale model. 😆 Furthermore, I’ve been brain poisoned (in a positive way) by one of my best friend called Shalie who has started to build his model since his very childhood and has a collection of more or less 30 cars, JDM version…

JDM.. yes, that’s the words..!! All this while I was so fascinated with JDM cars such as the Honda EK9 Type-R and a lot more.. So, from now on, I’ve decided to start to build and collect my favourite cars one by one… 🙂

As for my first project, I buyed this Toyota AE86 Trueno model by Aoshima which has burned my pocket that cost to almost RM200. Not to say that I buy this car as my first model because of I watch too much of Initial D, I’ve feel, drive, experience the ‘Hachi Roku’ long before I know Initial D, Takumi and friends… I guess, I’ve personally experience the feel of driving an FR layout cars like this Trueno long before Initial D reach the Malaysian shores (I guess so).. I have a lot of sweet memories with this car…

So, here’s a few pictures I’ve snap during my project and the whole process.. This model is not done 100% yet since I don’t have paint for the details part yet, so I just do it halfway… I’ll update as soon as this car’s done and whenever new project will take part… In the meantime, I’ll continue posting in this humble blog as usual…


Toyota Trueno AE86
The box. A scale model by Aoshima…

Toyota Trueno AE86
The component parts revealed…

Toyota Trueno AE86
The very first compartment I’ve done which is the steering rack, suspension system and the disc brake. Look at how small it is.. 🙂

Toyota Trueno AE86
The undercarriage which will be attach to the chasis.. My first painting process.

Toyota Trueno AE86
Standard rims sprayed with black color for some racing looks.

Toyota Trueno AE86
The tyres.. Advan Neova.. 😆

Toyota Trueno AE86
The only stuff I bought along for my starting project… huhu.. It’s not enough.

Toyota Trueno AE86
The black rims is now fitted with it’s tyres.

Toyota Trueno AE86
The drive shaft with anti roll bar painted in white.

Toyota Trueno AE86
Undercarriage part is not painted yet due to lack of paint and no brush at all.

Toyota Trueno AE86
The exhaust system and real life spring added.

Toyota Trueno AE86
Empty engine bay with the body is not painted yet.

Toyota Trueno AE86
The standard seats.. Not painted yet.

Toyota Trueno AE86
The engine hood. Painted to black for some carbon fibre look. I’ve decided not to follow the colour code from Aoshima but use my own colour theme instead.

Toyota Trueno AE86
The interior part. Not painted yet except the gas, brake and clutch pedals. Oh, the dashboard now has meter panel and I’ve decided to replace it with new analog meter replacing the old digital meter of normal ‘Hachi Roku’.

Toyota Trueno AE86
Body painted to white. The instruction on the box instruct to paint the body to silver colour since it’s a late version of ‘Hachi Roku’, but I’d ignore it and paint it with my own scheme to make it look like a Panda Trueno.. The one that give me lots and lots of memories.. 🙂

Toyota Trueno AE86
Another angle taken.. Bumper, windows, head and tail lights not added yet.

Toyota Trueno AE86
Another angle shot.

Toyota Trueno AE86
Finally that’s all I can do. My ‘Hachi Roku’ on top of my JDM touge and D1 DVD’s.. Waiting for the new paint and brushes to continue my project. Till then, it will be ‘on hold’ since I’m quite busy with daily jobs and stuff…

Take care mate..!!


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size camni anak tucin pun tak bole tompangla..!

Comment by Mimie

Perrgghh, tayar keta ni lagi branded n mahal dari keta aku. Ko ni, makin tua makin cam budak2, main2 mainan. Dah2 grow up

Comment by burn

tua tu tua la jugak… budak-budak pun budak budak jugak laa… buang duit pun, bung duit jugak laa… apa nak buat..? life aku boring.. takkan nak pi isap dadah plak..? hahahaha.. 😆

Comment by Farul Azri

Tulah ko, kecik-kecik orang main menan, ko pegi campur ngan budak-budak besar isap rokok, pastu bile dah bsar baru nyesal, nak jadi bebudak balik…ish

p/s: sorry beb, smalam aku tertido

Comment by ashz

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