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Blind Man Syndicate
April 19, 2007, 7:50 pm
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Blind Man Syndicate

Have you ever been to a place where you were relaxing and chilling for some teh tarik galore with your friends or your loved one and watched peoples around you passing by from time to time, creating havoc of their own. Either in good way or bad.. This kind of stuff always attract my intentions on how peoples around me showing their skills in managing their typical everyday even some of them are pretending.. Pretend to look good in front of public.. Pretend to sound nice, pretend to smile, laugh, love and whatever in their mind… They always had my intentions towards them..

But that’s a different story…

Here’s what I had.. Have you ever been in a situation (i bet you had this) when you were sitting on a corner having your good time and tea or probably a good laugh at any kopitiam or mamak stall when suddenly you’ve been approached by a blind man or woman that is NOT alone.. They’ve been lead toward us by someone that is absolutely NOT blind at all..

When we talk about a blind man or woman, i am seriously dearing them.. They catch my emotion fast.. It’s fast enough even before my drinks reach my table.. I don’t know how to react.. I want to pity them, but i can’t.. I think pityness is something awful.. It is something bad if i have those feeling towrads them.. I want to share with them, fun, happiness, sad, bad.. everything… But i dunno how.. All i can do is, hand them some small money for them to use as their everyday expenses.. That’s all i could do…

Only if they’re sitting in a corner, playing music with some portable keyboards and guitar or if their ever approaching my table alone.. My heart fly to them.. I know they have will.. A will to survive this wild world of us all.. The ever changing world that lead us to some kind of separation between rich and poor, between blind and not blind people and many other things that matter to most of us…

But there’s something that i doubt fast.. I doubt a blind man or woman that has been lead by someone NOT blind man or girl, approaching from table to table.. I definately know it’s a syndicate.. a syndicate of making dollar by raising people sympathy towards the blind one.. Still i feel pity the blind one for they don’t know (or probably they know) that they’ve being ‘used’ by the NOT blind man or girl…

Who the fuck are those man or girl that hold the hand of this blind one.. Was it their own children..? No, i don’t think so.. Was it their neighbours..? No, definately NOT!! What kind of daughter or a son that could easily hold their blind parent hand and drove them around from table to table asking for sympathy..? If they were ever their children, I advise them to go for work for you had a ‘complete’ figure and healthy as fuck.. Work for your parent.. Work for your self.. These are all the people that i could easily throw my face away, full of hatred.. But still i can’t…

I’m sad and mad for those blind one is being ‘used’ for someone else’s greed or easy money.. Save the blind one.. I pity them and my pray will always be with them.. GOD BLESS AND SAVE THE BLIND ONE and FUCK THOSE SYNDICATES!!

Now’s where’s our very own ‘Persatuan Kebajikan Rakyat / Masyarakat’ or the goverment that preach will serve the Malays better…? I never saw any other races beside Malays themself who’ve done this syndicates from hell..!! THE GOVERMENT NEVER CARE..!!! or can i say THE POLICE..? fuck…

It is clearly for me that the goverment or even the police (who had power to stop all this nonsense) are the real BLIND ONE!


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Yeah, it saddened me too. I’m easily sympathizes with unfortunate people. But this kind of things makes me think twice before contributing anything

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