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Ijok 2007 (Kuala Selangor)
April 15, 2007, 10:08 pm
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Members of KeADILan has launch a blog that will be update from time to time on each of the current happening in Ijok up coming election for the ‘Dewan Undangan Negeri’ chair. I personally hope that good people of Ijok will soon wake up to change the goverment. What has Khir Toyo done for you guys out there? A newly build mosque that suppose to take part in 1996 (According to Harakahdaily.net)..?

Ijok should be known as the ‘land’ of 3-corner fights. It happen in 1999 and 2004. This means, in this by-election, expect the trend to continue, what with the initial display of chest-beating from Hindu rightists and Indian chauvinists, falling over themselves over this so-called ‘Indian seat’.

Throw in DAP’s statement about wanting to run there and Parti Sosialis non-oblique email yesterday about ‘principles’, we may well see a 4-corner fight there.

Jika Di Machap, majoriti BN berjaya kita turunkan, di Ijok kita mengharapkan kejayaan yang lebih baik demi kelangsungan perjuangan berasaskan kepedulian rakyat ke arah membentuk Malaysia sebagai sebuah negara yang adil dan demokratik.

Anwar Ibrahim
April 14, 2007

May the force be with you guys. My prays will always be there for you… Forget Khir Toyo, find someone new that is much more better in all aspect.. Wondering what happen to Dato Z of Klang lately..? 🙂


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Khir Toyo looks different nowadays. Botox??

Comment by burn

wakakaka.. this is the best comment so far..!!! 😆 😆

Comment by Farul Azri

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