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I Had Another Car Accident
April 11, 2007, 10:34 pm
Filed under: Life

Today must be one of my bad day.. I dunno why? Langkawi stage soundman was a nightmare to me, then this morning i went to workshop to get my car drive-shaft, timing belt bearing and water pump repaired which has cost me RM377.00.. RM377 in the middle of a month means painful to me.. it burns a wide hole in my pocket.. thank god i have some saving with me..

Later on this evening, I was driving around Bangsar area, heading towards my condo in Pantai Hillpark when suddenly a lost control motorcyclist turned to bang on my back bumper and destroy my bottom brake lights. Damn it.. I was about to blame that guy and kick some ass very hard that day when i suddenly saw an innocent face.. a man who just came back from work with his sling bags around him and an injured legs and arms and who has no idea that the roads was covered with oils..!! (Oils again..!!)

So i helped him up and bring his ‘total lost’ motorbike to the road side and started to talk nicely to him.. He wanted to pay me some money but i refuse since he need the money more than i do.. my car only had a broken back bumper which will cost me somewhere around RM200 – 300 including paint job, while his motorbike need more than that… I swear to god.. I just know, deep inside my heart that he is not the ‘rempit’ type.. if he is, surely someone will hurts and become much more injured badly that day..!!!

It’s just my bad day, and this time i didn’t snap a single photo…


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Ko ngan keta ko kena mandi bunga wei

Comment by burn

mandi bunga, mandi wajib, mandi sungai, mandi laut, mandi malam, mandi peluh, mandi manda… semuanya aku dah buat.. hehehe..

Comment by Farul Azri

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