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March 14, 2007, 7:25 pm
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All Gays Go To Hell!! Fuck Them..!!

Here’s a story about homosexual person…

I am seriously claiming my self as a ‘HOMOPHOBIA’… To hell with pro-choice / pro-life / discrimination issue / equality issue and a few other stuff / organizations / individual that protect these ‘paranoid’ homosexes people… This is my statement and this is my stand…!!

I hate them..
and God hate them..
God hate FAGS..!!!

Why i hate them..?

Because I have encountered a lots of problems in dealing with this type of people.. they’ll do almost anything to get attentions and stuff.. Fuck your personality.. fuck your taste of desiring your own kind..!!

Last few night, I was in Uptown, Damansara to buy some pirates DVD.. Yes, pirates DVD..!! I support piracy, so what..? 😆 there’s a group of a few gays in the shop as well.. since i don’t have any trouble with them, i just act normal and try to ignore their existence.. until they come standing besides me and start talking dirty as loud as they could.. talking about the latest gay porno movies and how they love to be in one.. what the fuck? my world spin faster.. they are Malays and for sure they are Muslims as well… just before i left the shop (without buying anything), there was two person from the group of these ‘loverboy’ was kissing each other tongue like they was in their bedroom… FUCK..!!

I’m sad, I’m mad.. Fuck..!! Fuck..!! Fuck..!! Fuck..!! Fuck..!! Fuck..!! Fuck..!!!! Fuck gays…!!!

I my self is not that ‘so’ religious person, but i do believe in my God and my Prophet Muhammad SAW / PBUH way of life. This time or era is just not for you homosexes people.. Yours was suppose to be in the era of Prophet Luth..

So, go to HELL..!!!


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