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My Real Birthday Crasher
October 9, 2006, 7:57 pm
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Yesterday was my birthday and today I’m still in the mood of celebrating it. Even it was spoiled by my boss phone call. The mood is still here. Burried deep inside my heart. 🙂 Everything went smooth. Today was still my off day, untill this evening.. when everything went berzerk! It was even more bad and much more worse than yesterday. Today will be my good lesson and I will remember it until the day I close my eyes… Alhamdulillah, God still let me watch / walk / feel / touch / breath the air in this unique world…

I had a massive car accident today, this evening… And I almost killed my self in the crash. I was driving at 135-145km/h (as usual and not fast enough.. at least for me) in a two lanes flyover with bends. The flyover was quite high butd I never know or care about its height…

I was driving as usual that evening. Heading to RHB Bank to pay my home rent when I took the corner (heading to left) as usual (touge style) only to find out someone, somebody did purposely spilled an oil on the road especially on the corner part. Without any warning, my car started to spun out in a fast manner moving to the left towards the guardrails that prevent ‘Sopit’ from jump off the flyover and I know, with this kind of speed, I could easily crash the guardrail and fall off the flyover before landing on the ground.. with explosions perhaps before I’ll burn to death and a torn body to pieces…

By this time, I’ve realize how my four tyres has loose its grips on the road. Thank god, I didn’t panic and still can push my brain to think a better solutions before I fall off. What I do was, twice of clucth kicking with drop shifting and kick the accelerator hard to make my RPM gone crazy and counter-steer of course with some little e-brakes help technique.. Finally I’d manage to change the direction of my spinning car. Moving from left to right direction now.. But I still can’t stop the car from spinning as I guess the oil on the road was too much and still fresh and wet.

In a split second, I hit the guardrail on my right side with my back bumper crash on it first before the back side of my car joined them.. I finally stopped. But hanging in a middle of a divider with the back side of my car is now facing the coming traffic from the other road and the front side of my car’s facing the going traffic.. I breaks not only the guardrail, but my back bumper, under carriage and some part of my car body.

Thank god i’m still here writting and posting this up, after I settled everything.. And I almost involve in a fight with a 5-6 tow trucks attendant since I blame them all that they are the one who did purposely spilled the oil and pray for someone to crash on it so that they could get extra ‘income’ for the day.. Why and how I come to think that they do these ‘dirty job’ purposely..? Because there was two tow trucks and more than three cars complete with walkie talkie up on the flyover withing a second after I carsh.. Luckily, they never fight me back.. And I ask them to handle the traffic flow while I need sometime to move my car from being stuck in the middle of a divider and collecting my bumper to put it on my back seat.. Syukur alhamdulillah… I’ve survive and only suffered a few cuts on my finger and legs…

WARNING : The flyover location was in Klang, Selangor with so many of similar accidents happen. There are more than three car has fall from it according to the police. The flyover was located on top of a roundabout called ‘Bulatan Simpang Lima’…


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Forgot to mention, three days after my accident, one lady who drive Gen-2 fall off the flyover.. She didn’t died. She has survive the crash but with some bruise on her and black memory to remember…

Just be more carefull when driving..

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