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Semalam Di Aceh (Yesterday In Aceh)
October 7, 2006, 8:34 pm
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Map of Aceh
Aceh. The place. The place where it used to be known as the ‘Serambi Mekah’ (The corner of Makkah). The land where it all started for the ‘Malays’. The land where the Islamic religion first rose in the Malay Archipelago back in the 11th Century. Now, Has been torned apart to pieces. By The Republic of Indonesia. Dutch Colonial. Tsunami. Western ideology through multi-national products. Tv shows. Magazine and et cetera. Then come GAM (Gerakkan Aceh Merdeka / Free Aceh Movement). Try to bring back Aceh and its citizen back to their roots. Back on their glorious days along with Melaka, Demak and Majapahit era in the 13th-14th century. Where Islam as the main religion and believes. Including its laws and traditions. But… Sad to say, their intention was being hold back by the Republic of Indonesia and they’ve been drag into a guerrilla war for a year with the TNI (Tentera Nasional Indonesia / Indonesian National Army).

GAM Army

I remember spoken to one of Acehnese. And what he told me makes me remember it until now..

Tentera GAM udah turun dari gunung! Mereka-mereka ini akan membawa kita semua pulang ke jalan asal. Pulang ke serambi Mekah yang sebenar. Aceh akan merdeka juga akhirnya..!

But still Aceh is Aceh. The people are still there hanging on those lullaby memories. Still hope and wish to be free on their own. To stand on their own feet. Not to rely on the Republic or any other countries. I personally believe that Aceh is strong enough. They’ll be on their own someday.

I also remember what the Malaysian goverment has said to GAM during the issue was hot on every home TV.

We will not involve in any of GAM activity and their activist. We will not tolerate this and will never send any help to GAM nor the Indonesian National Army.

I personally have nothing against on what the goverment has said. But being someone with a strong history knowledge and background, I doubt that..! Aceh has helped us a lot during their glorious era. Back in the 14th century. Aceh helped us settle any of our religious misinterpretation and a lots more. And the bast part above all, They’ve helped us during the war with Portuguese in 1511. Aceh helped the whole battalion of army led by the well known Laksamana Hang Nadim, Son of Laksamana Hang Tuah. In 1516, Hang Nadim attacked Melaka with the hope of recapturing it from the Portuguese, but the attack was unsuccessful. In 1524, Hang Nadim also besieged Melaka with the help from Aceh, Java and Demak in the hope of preventing food reaching the town. After 24 days, the Portuguese were relieved by reinforcements from Goa.

Gerakan Aceh Merdeka

Afterall, the Malaysian has involve in freeing Timor Timor which now known under the name Timor Leste. And they got nothing to do with any Malaysian. And they’ve turned to be a non-muslim country – independently – not attached to the Republic of Indonesia. So, why can’t we help Aceh? Set them free. So that they can be on their own. Plus the Bonus part is that they’re Muslim. Not like the Republic itself…


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Atjeh get the spirit!!

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